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About Our Logo

The LINUS logo :

  • ❱ The HORSES resemble “energetic and workaholic” as our attributes.
  • ❱ The CROWN represents “leading brand in the furniture world” as our vision.
  • ❱ The SHIELD resembles “Winning attitude always” as our culture.
  • ❱ The RIBBON gracefully holds our slogan “World Class Customized Furniture”.

The LINUS Font :

In our brand name LINUS, the three middle letters I-N-U, are held together by ‘L’ and ‘S’ at both ends; where ‘I’ resembles us as a company and our staff, and the letter ‘U’ resembles you as a customer and our vendors, who are held together with Loyalty and Sincerity.


  • Royal Blue : Reliability, Superiority and Trust.
  • White : Purity, Integrity, Perfection.
  • Red : Vibrant, Enthusiastic and Determination.
  • Gold : Grandeur, Prosperity and Richness.

logo diagram

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